Cubes and Setts

Hardwearing and extremely durable, granite is the ultimate paving product. Unafected by frost or heating, granite resists to the stress caused by vehicular traffic and environmental pollution. That makes granite cubes and setts ideally suited for use as paving in pedestrian areas, driveways and traffic roads. With a large range of grain patterns, textures and colors in granite cubes and setts, combined with a wide variety of surface finishes, Grantax is able to offer to its clients a multitude of solutions to suit different environments.

Granite Types

Cubes/Setts with Textured Surface

In addition to the most commonly used rough hewn cubes and setts, offered in a wide range of sizes and granite types, Grantax is also able to provide complementary surface textures obtained trough different process techniques: Cubes and setts can be offered in fine picked, flame textured, sandblasted and simple diamond sawn surface. Other finishes may be available according to client's specifications.


Cubes and setts are most commonly supplied in bulk, on board of conventional vessels. Alternatively, it can be packed in wooden crates or big bags.